Bell Iraq English Teacher Vacancy

Job Title

Language Teacher (English Language)

Main responsibilities



- Plan, prepare, teach students and where appropriate design courses and lessons.
- Carry out and mark placement tests, and regular diagnostic, progress and summative testing as directed and according to student need.
- Induct students appropriately, and provide academic advice, counselling,  educational guidance, and tutorial support to students, including individual learning plans as directed;
- Develop, materials and resources, and undertake other academic project work as directed; assist in curriculum and academic policy development as directed

Minimum Qualifications

- Bachelor of Arts in English Education, Literature, or Translation.
- Must have CELTA or Trinity Certificate
- Native Speakers and Bilinguals are welcome to apply

Professional Experience

2 years of experience in teaching post- certification.

Technical Skills

- Strong background with both business and technical ESL presentation
- Knowledgeable of / competent with ESL programs in relation to upstream operations
- Competent / experienced with ESL training programs with international applications
- Strong ESL training presentation, coordination, evaluation, & planning skills
- Competent computer skills; presentation, spread sheets, document preparation

Personal Skills

- Strong teamwork, able to work with multi-national team
- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- Strong classroom presentation skills
- Good interpersonal skills, able to work in multi-culture and multi-company environments

Job location


Email to apply


You can send your CV and Information by email to or fill the following e-form